Remote Fuel Stoves


Remote fueled alcohol stoves are becoming more popular among

Preppers as well as hiking enthusiasts. Remote fueled stoves allow you

to bake, boil, and simmer giving you a wider variety of options for meals.

While developing my A. R. F ( Adjustable remote feeder) for wick alcohol


I built a prototype remote fuel stove for use While testing the A.R.F.

The  BR-1 (Batchstovez Remote)  alcohol stove was very successful.

My Latest design is a Hybrid version using Aluminum bottles and a milled

aluminum integrated pot stand.

The Adjustable remote feeder works well with all remote

wick alcohol stoves from other popular cottage Makers.

BS H-35
BS H-35 Kit shown above

BS H-35 Hybrid Remote stove

BS H-35
  •  Made from 6061 aluminum and Bottles
  • New Hybrid design
  • Integrated aluminum folding pot stand
  • Carbon felt wick.
  • Simmer cap
  • overall dimensions 1.75" Dia. x 2.5" tall
  • Total weight approx. 35 grams

 * Note :  H-35 stove kit includes : Stove, ARF, 18" Fuel line, and a 2 oz. fuel bottle.

The  H-35 Dry bake Combo Includes 12cm cook pot, 10 cm DBD, and a carbon felt windscreen, ring spacer.

OPTIONS:Save more with the Dry Bake Combo

"ARF" Adjustable Remote Feeder

  • The" ARF" was developed to better regulate fuel flow.
  •  no shims needed.
  • Weighs 40 grams with fuel bottle
  • Remote feeder for alcohol stoves
  • can be used with all remote feed stoves using micro fuel line.
  • includes a 2 oz. fuel bottle.
  • Can be used with my 4 oz. fuel bottle. sold separately.
Note : Micro fuel line not included

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