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Here are a few videos to show the stoves and kits at work. All boil tests were conducted at an indoor temperature of 70 degrees F unless otherwise noted. The elevation for this area is 750 feet to 1000 feet above sea level. Boil times may vary depending on weather conditions. Experiment and get to know your stove so you will have a better understanding of how it performs in your unique situation. Different types of denatured alcohol will also give you different results.

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How It's Made BS 2.0

BatchStovez 22oz.Ultralight Cook Kit

Batchstovez 22oz. Cook Pot

 BS 1.1 adjustable flame Alcohol Stove Boil Test

BS 2.0 Large Imusa Mug boil test

BatchStovez Alcohol stove Heine Pot boil test


BatchStovez Ultralight Stove Cook Kit 


BatchStovez BS 2.0 Boil test


DIY Heine Pot Wick Wrap Kit

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Penny Stove VS Aluminum Bottle Stove

 Penny Stove VS Aluminum Bottle Stove Revisited


Heine Pot Cold Water Flame-outs Part 1



Heine Pot Cold Water Flame-outs Part 2

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