Customer Reviews

The new stove and pot combo worked brilliantly!  Thanks for an amazing product.  Heading our to trek the Art Loeb Trail this weekend, so I will be giving it a cold-weather test!

Sam - I've been meaning to send you a picture or two of my wind river trip 30 miles into the back country over the continental divide (12000 ft elevation).

The stove and fosters pot performed perfectly.

Good Day ; Sam 
               Got to tell you that the 10 cm cook pot and small bake pan worked out great ! I think it was better than the 12 cm cook kit . It is smaller heats up faster and is just the right size to bake in, made two muffins in the bake pan over the stove worked like a frying pan a touch small but doable . Made eggs in it , I had fried bacon to get grease to cook eggs. Very happy the way everything worked . 
The cook kits are Great,very sturdy and well made. 
Thanks for your hard work in making them,


Just got back from an overnight-er, the pot was great. I was able to boil 14 ounces of water on 2/3 of a tab! The next morning I added a 4 gram tab and enough hot water for 2 cups of coffee. My hiking partner was impressed with the pot as well.

Thanks again,

Hi Sam,

I received the package today and immediately fired the 2.0 up in my back yard, making  my first cup of coffee in about six minutes flat with the cook pot.  What a terrific piece of kit and great value for money as well.  I've got a two week cycle camping trip through France and Italy in July and can't wait to use it in the hills (and leave my heavy MSR stove and gas canisters at home).

And thanks very much also for the carbon felt windshield - brilliant.

All the best


I received my 22oz. cook pot in the mail this afternoon, and just wanted to say “thanks” for a great bit of kit. It’s exactly what I was looking for, and the craftsmanship and quality is evident in the final product. Thanks for your efforts and for making a quality piece of gear that will be a joy to use for years to come.


I got the stove, this little thing is great! It will serve me well moose hunting next week. I love the quality of the bottle you used.
I have never seen beer in an aluminum bottle this heavy. Does Bud still make these? I home brew and I'm assuming these have twist off lids?
They would be perfect for some of my home made beer containers, they would hold up to multiple uses.
Anyways you have a cool product here, the result of good tools, time and know-how. I know my buddies will be making orders once they
see this baby in action.


 Snippet: Simple to use stove kit with excellent workmanship at an attractive price that will not lighten your wallet!
The stove performs without a fuss and blooms well under 45 seconds in ideal conditions when using methyl hydrate. With high winds the provided heat shield and wind guard was ample and aided with the stove’s operation once again without fuss. The provided 24oz Henie pot has no sharp edges, lid sits snug on top and is ready to use as it is cool wrapped in the middle for easy hot operations. Everything including the 4oz fuel bottle packs neatly into the plastic containers. 500ml of water (a ridge in the Henie pot marks this point) boils in just under 7 minutes in 3-5C, mild wind weather! What more do you want in an ultra-light backpacking stove kit?!
Comparison to White Box Stove:
This stove is slightly smaller than the White Box Stove. It only holds ~2oz of fuel but also has the jets 1/2" from the top where as the White Box Stove is 5/8”.  As a result I find Sam’s stoves to bloom faster in all conditions and for my cookware (GSI Halulite Dual 1.6L pot, GSI Halulite Minimalist pot, 24oz Heine pot, Alpine 1.8L pot and 8” fry pan) to reach boils faster.
Does it work better with the windscreen?
I believe the windscreen should only be used in foul weather with high winds. Even with breezes of winds I have found the stove to burn hotter without the windscreen. When required I found leaving about 1/2" (diameter) between the pot and windscreen yielded best performance. I always use a heat shield under the stove.
Does it work in the cold weather?
Yes… From the cold snowy Lillooet and Whistler, B.C. Canada to the ocean roaring Oregon U.S.A coast line in December weather. Some dinner cooking required fuel squirts on the heat shield (I use an opened can top) to prime the stove. When the weather got really cold and snow was used to make water, a wire stand was used to prevent the cold pot bottom putting out the stove.
Would I buy this stove kit again?
You bet! In fact I have two already. 
Abraham Chan

Backcountry Cooking:
Like a kid before Christmas I awaited my 2 Ultralight Cook Kits from Batchstovez. The Stove Kits were neatly packet and shipping was fast. I opened my box and was pleasantly surprised of the craftsmanship of the pot, fiberglass wicking and the construction of the stoves. This Kit's were not built by accident. I could tell that everything from the packing of the pot, stove, instructions to include the shipping box was done with attention to detail and care. Instructions for use of both the pots and stove were clear informative and  included many great tips (A must read). I had some questions prior to purchasing and e-mailed Batchstovez from there Contact us link off their website. Sam e-mailed back immediately and answered all my questions helping me select my purchases to suit my needs. If your thinking of buying a Cook Kit or any other items from Batchstoves, don't think do it! The only mistake you will make is not purchasing here. If you are looking to purchase one the Cook Kits it would be worth paying a few cents more and order a kit with a spork. The spork that came with my kits were better than expected. Also you can never have to many extra pieces of hiking or camping gear. Sam runs a top notch good old USA cottage business and will look forward to purchasing from Batchstovez again!
Batchstovez-Well done! -thanks Paul Fox


Dear Sam,
Just wanted to let you know I received all three stoves and
they work great! My buddies love theirs and we did some cold-weather tests and
they boiled water in sub-freezing temperatures with no problem. Your Heiny pot
DIY wrap kits with directions for the pot modifications were easy to do and
came out great! Thanks for a great stove and great pot wrap kits, I will
recommend Batch Stovez to everyone who asks about them!
Matt from Ohio

 Hi Sam, My order was delivered this weekend and I was very pleased with the performance of the stove and large IMUSA mug. Boiled 16oz in 5 minutes and ran for 8 minutes on 1oz of fuel. The flame was very uniform and predictable. It will be a valued piece of my ultralight gear. Personally I have spent hours and hours scouring the internet for stove designs and tips. I've spent hours and hours building and testing but with minimal tools for the making, my stoves were fun to make and explore but disappointing in their performance. The quality and priced value of your product will make yours the site I recommend to my friends interested in a quality product. Keep up the great work and many thanks! GBob


 Sam,I would like to share my extreme satisfaction and pleasure I have had, you have a first class business. I found using your web site very informative. I’ve told all my friends of your awesome stoves. I’ve have 2 ultralight cook sets, 1 IMUSA mug set and a remote feed simmer stove. If you are looking to purchase a Cook Kit it would be worth giving Sam at Batchstovez a Call. Workmanship is unbelievable…precision and attention to detail is found in every thing. This year my gift giving is all figured out thanks to Bathstovez!

Sincerely, Dionicio



Sam, I received my BS 2.0 Heine pot kit on Wednesday. I had ordered it Saturday night extremely fast delivery, thank you. From Georgia to Michigan in 3 days frig-gin awesome. As I opened the box I smiled from ear to ear with excitement, just like a kid at Christmas. Your craftsmanship on the on the whole product is terrific. Latter that night I got it out and cooked up some Ramen noodles to eat. Everything works GREAT!! This stove is so well made and thought out, from how the pot rests on the stove to the fiberglass wick on the pot. I will be purchasing from BATCH STOVES again in the future. Keep up the strong quality products and very reasonable prices and strong customer service. Built and bought in America by Americans. Thanks Sam.

 Steve, from Michigan

 So, I've used my batchstove the last few times out and love it!! It's my first alcohol stove, and I believe you've converted me from my jetboil. It's quiet, simple, light and WORKS! Thanks! Joe

Sam, These products are not just for camping or backpacking. I use mine at my construction site every day, to make coffee, boil water, and heat my lunch. They are reliable, affordable, and fun to use. I keep my cook kit in the car, so I am always prepared. Thanks for making these kits, I will buy one again for sure.
 Larry Nuchesi Auburn, NY

Hi Sam! I wanted to let you know that your stove is performing very well so far. I love the combo base legs and pot stand! The simmer ring works quite well! Thank you for a great stove!           <pAuL>


I received my 2.0 today!!! 3 days to California is super fast.  I gave it a try on 2 cups of water and just like you said it was rolling boil in 5 min and stayed on for 8.  I also tried 3 cups of water with ice and not only did it boil it but I put another 2 cups of tap water on it and it hit a boil right before it went out!  I will be using it this weekend and if it keeps performing exactly as advertised I will leave you some bomb feedback. 


Damon Slazyk