Frequently asked questions

Q. What stove do you recommend for users new to alcohol stoves?

A: The BS 2.0 or the BS 1.0 is a great choice for any level of experience you simply add denatured alcohol light the stove and the stove will do the rest! The stove has no moving or separate parts to lose. It is always a good idea to do so test runs to get used to your gear before heading out.

Q. What cook wear do you carry in your pack?

A: I have fell in love with the size of the 12cm Imusa mug I have a ditty bag with the 12cm Batchstove Cook pot, The BS 1.0, and also the BS1.1 ADJ Flame stove. I use the BS 1.0 when I need to boil water (coffee, oatmeal) and the BS1.1 for rice,soup etc. The BS12cm Cook Pot Has the Anodized finish is easy to clean and big enough for two. I keep a Ultralight cook kit in my truck for emergencies.

Q. What is the best fuel for alcohol stoves?

A: Denatured alcohol is the best choice, I use SLX mostly or HEET
(see my fuel info page) I try to stay away from
Isopropyl alcohol although it burns hot and it's cheap the price you pay is that it's dirty and will leave a coating of soot on the bottom of your gear.

Q. How does the BS 2.0 perform in extreme conditions like cold weather, wind,and high altitudes.

A: All Batchstovez will perform in temperatures below freezing. Wind is always a factor with any alcohol stove but providing a natural wind break is normally not a problem. Altitude doesn't seem to effect the stove.

Q. Do you have any more 24oz Heine keg pots?

A: No, I depleted the my surrounding area back in February 2011.

Q. How does the BS 22oz. cook pot compare to a Heine Keg Can?

A: The Heine Keg can is a great ultralight cook pot (it was  cheap and ultralight) However it did have a few draw backs. It was hard to clean and it did not have a flat bottom. The batchstovez 22 oz. cook pot has everything you need in a beer can pot without the Beer.