BS 2.0 


The Batchstovez Aluminum bottle stove is one of the easiest Alcohol

stoves you will ever use.

 Simply add Alcohol to the center and light within 60 seconds your ready

to use.The BS 2.0 is constructed with a two piece design that utilizes a

conical inside wall that adds vertical strength.

The rim has a smooth rolled edge to seal the two together and provides

horizontal strength.

 Although the two piece design is more labor intensive it makes a

stronger more durable stove and will provide a lifetime of use.

 BatchStovez 2.0 is also available in a silver edition for those with

concerns about the dye and varnish used in the labels.

 BS 2.0 

Shown With wick wrap
  • Aluminum Bottle Stove
  • Two Piece Design
  • Smooth Rolled Edge
  • No Rivets Epoxy or Adhesives
  • Very Strong can support 200lbs.
  • 2 tall x 2.25 dia.
  • Instructions
  • 2 oz. fuel capacity
  • Weighs 1oz.
  Note: Shown with optional ( CWW ) Cold Weather Wrap

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