About Us


   It all started by accident while trying to come up with an alcohol stove of my own. I searched the web and found many types available. I chose the two-piece bottle stove design for durability and strength. After making several and testing different jet combinations, I settled on the one I sell today, the BS 2.0. I made

  many stoves and kits as gifts for friends and family; all of a sudden, I was getting requests from everyone! I offer these kits and components to those who would like to do it themselves. You can purchase any combination and make some parts of your own. I make no claims to have invented the aluminum bottle alcohol stove. The kits are a combination of ideas taken from many innovative people who have traveled the Appalachian Trail. Each Stove Kit is hand crafted in small batches to ensure quality and performance.

   It is our goal to offer you a premium stove at an affordable price.