There are many types of fuel available to choose from for alcohol stoves: ethanol, methanol, and isopropyl alcohol. With so many choices, fuel can be found all over the world no matter where you are. For that reason, alcohol stoves are a popular choice for ultralight backpackers.

The recommended fuel for all BATCHSTOVEZ is denatured alcohol.

 Fuel Information


 High Ethanol Denatured Alcohol 

  The “green” choice, made from 95% natural and renewable resources, burns hotter (around 11,570 Btu/lb.) and will give you shorter boil times. However, there is a drawback. I found that bloom times are longer, the flame is orange/yellow and it leaves carbon deposits. There is also an odor and, for me, not my top choice (too messy). It can be found at home centers in the paint section.

 Crown® Denatured Alcohol NEXT  Contains: 95-100% ETHANOL, 0 -10% ISOPROPANOL


Klean Strip® GREEN Denatured Alcohol  Contains: 95-100% Ethanol, 0 -10%Methanol

  Standard denatured alcohol is 50% ethanol and 50% methanol. Although the output is less than the green choice (around 9,950 Btu/lb.), it is my clear favorite. Bloom times are shorter. It burns with a nice blue flame. It burns clean and has low odor. It can be found at home centers in the paint section and Walmart. Great choice.

 Denatured Alcohol 50% Ethanol

 Klean Strip® S-L-X Denatured Alcohol  Contains: 45-50% Ethanol, 45 -50%Methanol

 Crown® Denatured Alcohol Contains: 65-70% Ethanol, 20 -30% Methanol


 HEET gas line antifreeze (Methyl alcohol 8,419 Btu/lb.) works great. It is very clean burning with fast bloom times and low odor. It can be found at gas stations, auto parts retailers, and Walmart.

 High Methanol Alcohol 99% Methanol

 HEET® Gasline Antifreeze and Water Remover

 Contains: 99% Methanol


 Rubbing Alcohol Contains: 99% Isopropyl alcohol

 Isopropyl Alcohol has the highest heat output (12,960 Btu/lb.), but it burns very dirty and coats the bottom of the pot with a lot of carbon. The other choices are far better.

 ISO HEET®  Contains: 99% Isopropyl alcohol

 Rubbing Alcohol  Contains: 99% Isopropyl alcohol



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