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Over the Fire Tripod Stand $14.95 usd.

Top side     /     Bottom side

 This Tripod Stand was designed By David Pearson YouTube ( Reallybigmonkey1) He Has a great series of video,s called fun in the woods. take a look at his Channel:


  • Made with David Pearson Authorization. 
  • CNC Machined and engraved with his Slogan
  • Made from 6061 Aluminum.
  • 2 7/16 dia. and 22 grams
  • Great for a camp site for over the fire cooking.
  • Toss one in a Bug out Bag.
                        Purchase Directly from

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 I. S. 2.0 Stove

  • Aluminum Bottle Stove
  • Two Piece Bottom Design
  • Integrated machined pot stand .
  • 2.75 tall x 2.25 dia. / 4.0 opened
  • priming wick
  • Instructions
  • 2 oz. fuel capacity
  • Weighs 41 grams.

 Updated BS 1.1 Adjustable stove

  • Aluminum bottle design
  • Integrated pot stand made from Aluminum
  • 3" tall x 2" dia. 
  • Adjustable flame allows you to Bake and simmer.
  • 1 oz. fuel capacity
  • Carbon felt lined inter chamber
  • Can be used with a Imusa Mug or any flat bottom pot. 
  • burns 25 to 40 min on 1 oz.
  • boils 2 cups in 8 to 12 min.
  • Total weight under 2 oz.

 BS H-35 Hybrid Remote stove


  • Made from 6061 aluminum and Bottles
  • New Hybrid design
  • Integrated aluminum folding pot stand
  • Carbon felt wick.
  • Simmer cap
  • overall dimensions 1.75" Dia. x 2.5" tall
  • Dry weight as shown 22 grams


    T.A.R.F. Adjustable Remote Feeder

  • The" ARF" was developed to better regulate fuel flow.
  •  no shims needed.
  • Weighs 40 grams with fuel bottle
  • Remote feeder for alcohol stoves
  • can be used with all remote feed stoves using micro fuel line.
  • includes a 2 oz. fuel bottle.
  • Can be used with my 4 oz. fuel bottle. sold separately.
  • Now Includes the T.A.R.F. update great for the trail




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