Premium Alcohol Stoves at an affordable Price!

Compact Ultralight Gear for the backpacking and hiking enthusiast.

Thank You!

 As of January ,17th, 2016 Postage rate increased for most shipping destinations.

International destinations were affected the most if the calculations at check out seem

wrong please contact me for confirmation.


T.A.R.F. Adjustable Remote

( Shown )

I.S. 2.0

Over the Fire Tripod Stand

BS 1.1

BS H-35

 Aluminum Bottle Stove in Action 

 This two piece design uses no fasteners, adhesives, JB weld, rivets etc. and has a smooth rolled edge for strength and safety.

2 oz. fuel capacity

Boils 2 cups of water in less than 5 minutes

100% Green

 Made from Recycled Aluminum bottles.

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