I.S. 2.0 

 One of the most popular alcohol stoves among ultralight hikers is the basic Penny stove.

There easy to make, work well, and weigh just a few grams. However not as durable as a Aluminum bottle stove there still widely used.

The idea for the Integrated Stand 2.0  came about in an effort to combined and integrate a pot stand to a penny stove utilizing the new lighter but more durable aluminum bottle.

The result is a stove that's lightweight, fuel efficient, and has good boil times.

Because it is a top burner is works well with smaller pots.

I combined the IS 2.0 with the 10cm cook pot for a great solo cook kit.

 I.S. 2.0  $23.95 USD 

Integrated Stand 2.0
  • Aluminum Bottle Stove
  • Two Piece Bottom Design
  • Integrated machined pot stand .
  • 2.75 tall x 2.25 dia. / 4.0 opened
  • priming wick
  • Instructions
  • 2 oz. fuel capacity
  • Weighs 41 grams.

 IS 2.0  10cm Cook KIT    $39.95 USD

IS 2.0 10 cm Cook Kit
  • I S 2.0 Aluminum Stove
  • 10 cm Cook pot
  • Silicone lip guard
  • Wick wrap or silicone band
  • Carbon felt Windscreen
  • Total weight 6 oz.
  • Instructions
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