BS 2.0 FE 


The New BS 2.0 FE ( Fuel Efficient) Stove Is made from the New Twist top

Bottles. The New bottles presented new challenges trying to develop

a technique to cut
and shape. The new bottles are made from a different

temper of aluminum and not
easily formed like it's predecessor. While working

with the new bottles Testing different
jet patterns I developed a Stove that

yielded fuel economy that I had never seen in a
bottle stove. The BS 2.0 FE

offers a choice for those seeking light weight, Durability as well as Great

fuel economy.



NEW!  BS 2.0  FE  $15.95 USD

BS 2.0 FE
  • New Aluminum Bottle
  • Two Piece Design
  • Smooth Rolled Edge
  • No Rivets Epoxy or Adhesives
  • Very Strong can support 200lbs.
  • 2 tall x 2.25 dia.
  • Instructions
  • 2 oz. fuel capacity
  • Weighs 20 grams.




Carbon Felt windscreen

Carbon Felt  Windscreen Substitution


Carbon Felt Windscreen substitution


Replaces Aluminum Windscreen and Heat-shield
Can Be substituted with any Stove kit,
Ultralight cook Kit, or Cook Pot Kit.

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